Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
The Tanner-Escalante-Grandview Hike

March 16-22, 2013

Dennis Foster, Matthew and Bill Ferris at Lipan Point Descending Tanner trail
Breaking for lunch in Tanner Canyon Pausing to admire the view into Seventyfive Mile Canyon
On Tanner trail below Escalante Butte The Tarptent StratoSpire 1 set up atop the Redwall
Dennis stands in front of his tent with Desert View Watchtower seen in the distance The descent through the Redwall on Tanner trail
Approaching the Colorado River on Tanner trail Hiking the Escalante Route with a Grand Canyon river trip floating by on the Colorado River
Thankful for clouds while hiking the Escalante route Negotiating a boulder field along the Escalante route
The Colorado River carves a winding path through Grand Canyon Dad, this obsession with photography is getting to be a bit much
Following a dryfall bypass through Escalante Canyon Departing Escalante Creek beach on the morning of our fifth day
Three backpackers walk the narrow confines of Seventyfive Mile Canyon Approaching Nevills Rapids
Entering Seventyfive Mile Canyon Seventyfive Mile narrows
A river party runs Nevills Rapids River runners in Nevills Rapids
Floating the Colorado The Papago Wall
Climbing the Papago Wall The view downstream from above the Papago Slide
Descending the Papago Slide A seagull stands watch over Hance Rapids
Standing next to a classic Grand Canyon duck Pointing out John Hance's old asbestos mine
Exiting Mineral Canyon creek bed A group of hikers take shelter in shade along the Tonto trail
Indian Paintbrush Following the Tonto trail along the east rim of Hance Canyon
Arriving at our Hance Creek camp site Names carved in the stone at Hance Creek
On the trail up to Horseshoe Mesa Page Spring
Nearing Horseshoe Mesa Hiking the rip-rap along Grandview trail
An agave stalk reaches for the sky along Grandview trail One final view of Horseshoe Mesa

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