Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
South Kaibab & Bright Angel Loop

August 10, 2007

Grand Canyon painted by the early morning light Three backpackers on their way to Phantom Ranch
Dennis descending through the Kiabab Hikers drinking in the view from Ooh Ahh Point
Plateau Point and the Tonto trail as seen from Ooh Ahh Point The South Rim, including Mather and Yavapai Points
The South Kaibab Trail arrives at Cedar Ridge Backpackers traversing the Supai below O'Neill Butte
The Red & Whites, a switchbacking descent through the Redwall on the South Kaibab Trail Hikers and a mule train on the Red & Whites
Dennis snaps a photo from the top of the Redwall A sign marks the halfway point from the rim to the river along the South Kaibab Trail
A mule train takes a break at the solar toilets near the Tipoff A lone hiker heads west along the Tonto Trail
A last look at the mules, with Buddha Temple visible in the distance Dennis heads west along the Tonto
A last photo of O'Neill Butte Dennis on the Tonto with Sumner Butte and Zoroaster Temple prominent in the background
A Grand Canyon park ranger approaches along the Tonto Trail Looking north toward Phantom Ranch (left) and the Old Miner's Route from the river to the Tonto platform
Looking northwest across Granite Gorge toward Cheops Pyramid and Isis Temple Approaching Burro Spring on the Tonto Trail
A fossil on the Tonto Trail The view through Pipe Creek drainage with Sumner Butte, Zoroaster Temple, and Buddha Temple seen across the canyon
An ancient granary (right) and other Indian ruins visible at the base of the Tapeats in Pipe Creek Folded geological layers in the wall of Granite Gorge
Looking west across the Tonto toward Plateau Point Telephone lines running through the drainage between Pipe Creek and Garden Creek
The Battleship, as seen from the Bright Angel Trail below the Redwall A view from the base of Jacob's Ladder back toward Indian Garden
A U.S. Geological Survey benchmark along the Bright Angel Trail 3-Mile Rest House
The toilet at 1 1/2 Mile Rest House A last look back towards Indian Garden and Plateau Point
Looking northeast toward Grandeur Point Overlook from the Bright Angel Trail The Kolb Studio at the South Rim of Grand Canyon

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