Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
Horseshoe Mesa backpack

April 24-26, 2009

'We're going down there!' Switchbacks in the Kaibab on Grandview Trail
Snacktime Stopping to admire a tree in the Kaibab
Cruising through the Toroweap Approaching the Coconino
Dad takes a break Matthew spies a clump of Indian Paintbrush
Checking out a collection of rock samples Switchbacks in the Coconino
Pointing out the rock layers in Cottonwood Canyon Matthew stands next to a sprouting agave stalk
Hiking on the Grandview Trail Follow the leader
Hiking with Karl and Kathy Standing in the entrance to the cook's cabin on Horseshoe Mesa
Standing next to the fireplace in the cook's cabin Must...lift...pickaxe
The 'miner 0-9'er' Peaking into the Last Chance Mine entrance on Horseshoe Mesa
Matthew heading down the Page Spring Trail Yo! Check out the view!
Standing at another mine entrance on Horseshoe Mesa Sitting on the stone bench at camp
Sunrise in the Grand Canyon An old agave stalk towers over Matthew
Standing at the cairned junction with the Cave of the Domes route Examining some rocks on Horseshoe Mesa
Heading to Cave of the Domes Bypassing an agave plant
Following the route to Cave of the Domes Keeping an eye on the trail at all times
Outside the false entrance to Cave of the Domes 'Dad, this is the real entrance.'
Entering Cave of the Domes Checking out an old door in the entrance chamber
Getting a closer look at an interesting rock formation 'Thumb's up, Dad.'
Pointing out the 'Twin Towers' A passage made for a kid
Matthew 'discovers' a new cave chamber 'Are you coming, Dad?'
Matthew next to a blooming yucca plant Relaxing on our campsite bench
Lela gets in the picture 'Hey Dad, who's that on your head?'
Sleeping in on a Sunday morning Beginning the hike back to the rim
Blooming desert phlox on the Grandview Trail Hiking up the Grandview through Cottonwood Canyon
The up & down Grandview Trail Matthew holding a 'smiley face' M&M cluster
'Dad, you're slowing me down' Hiking up through the Supai
Cobblestone rip-rap in the Supai More steep trail in the Supai
Approaching the Coconino Saddle 'Now, that's a large slab of sandstone'
The last switchback through the Supai Entering the Coconino layer
Matthew learns that, when you've worked this hard to get here, the views are better Continuing the Coconino ascent
Rock slabs replace the cobblestones near the top of the Coconino Examining the water-molded Coconino sandstone during a break
Approachinging the Toroweap The trail grade is less steep in the Toroweap
Entering the log-cribbed Kaibab section of Grandview Trail Taking the Grandview Trail one step at a time
Nearing the last switchback on Grandview Trail Closing in on the rim, Matthew gets his second wind

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