Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
The Gems Hike

April 18-22, 2009

Ruins at the South Bass Trailhead parking Granary ruins in the Toroweap along South Bass Trail
Old fencing post on South Bass Trail A view looking west towards the Coconino in Garnet Canyon from South Bass Trail
Chris stops in the Esplanade to admire Mt. Huethawali Beginning the descent through the Supai on South Bass
Chris stops to point out some of the highlights in Bass Canyon Chris stands at the cairned junction with Tonto Trail West
The green water pothole just below the Tonto Trail East junction Chris checks out the Wheeler Fold
Hedgehog catus in bloom A more appealing water pothole in the Schist in Bass Canyon
Chris points out our ascent route to the Tonto in Hotauta Canyon across the river Stopping on the South Bass to check out the view of the Colorado River
The Ross Wheeler rests on boulders above the Colorado River below Bass Beach Looking downstream towards Bass Rapids and the Ferry Beach from my Tonto campsite below the Grand Scenic Divide
Preparing to make dinner Approaching Serpentine Canyon from the north along the Tonto Trail
Looking upstream along the Colorado An old agave glows yellow in the early morning light
Entering Serpentine Canyon A hedgehog cactus field in bloom along the Tonto Trail
A dry pouroff in Emerald Canyon Looking back west towards the head of Emerald Canyon
Looking downstream towards Serpentine Rapids from the Tonto Trail along the south rim of Emerald Canyon Blooming brittlebush
Looking northwest toward the Redwall arm below Havasupai Point from Quartz Canyon Blooming brittlebush adorn the landscape on the north rim of Ruby Canyon
Looking down canyon through Ruby Rob Pietkowski, a fellow hiker in Ruby Canyon
Possible agave roasting pit in Ruby Canyon My second night campsite on Le Conte Plateau
The first light of day touches the rim above Ruby Canyon One-man tent on Le Conte Plateau
Sunrise in Grand Canyon First light paints the canyon
The Tonto enters an unnamed drainage on Le Conte Plateau Self portrait in silhouette in Jade Canyon
Approaching the head of Jade Canyon A dry pour off at the head of Jade Canyon
Entering Jasper Canyon from the north along the Tonto Trail Looking north through a drainage above Turquoise Canyon
Entering Turquoise Canyon Nearing the head of Turquoise Canyon
Looking downstream from the trail crossing in Turquoise A dry pour off in Turquoise
Flowing water upstream of the trail crossing in Turquoise A refreshing pool of cool Turquoise water
Looking back towards the head of Turquoise Canyon Looking towards the Redwall arm below Castor Temple
Entering Sapphire Canyon Pothole water at the head of Sapphire Canyon below the trail crossing
Looking downstream from the trailcrossing in Sapphire Pothole water in Sapphire Canyon
A view across the river towards Scorpion Ridge A Mariposa Lily blooming on the Tonto
Looking southeast towards Geikie Peak Looking upstream along the Colorado with Confucius Temple seen in the distance
My campsite above Agate Canyon on the east rim The first light of day touches Castor and Pollux temples
Geikie Peak in the early morning light with Scylla Butte in silhouette (far left) in the distance Geikie Peak with Castor and Pollux temples seen in the distance
Approaching a drainage below Geikie Peak Entering Slate Canyon
Looking up canyon towards the head of Slate Arriving at the head of Slate Canyon
Flowing water above the trail crossing in Slate Canyon Blooming silvery daisy in Slate Canyon
Looking back towards the head of Slate Canyon Beautiful Desert 4 O'Clock in bloom along the south rim of Slate Canyon
Crossing a boulder-strewn drainage below Marsh Butte Following the Tonto along its path towards Boucher Canyon below Marsh Butte
Hedgehog cactus blooming on the Tonto plateau A Utah Agave stalk stretches towards the sky
A river party approaches Boucher Rapids The river party floats downstream to enter the cauldron of Crystal Rapids
Following the Tonto Trail towards Boucher Canyon A view into Boucher Canyon
Descending to the junction of Topaz and Boucher canyons Standing at the entrance of the remains of Louis Boucher's cabin
A view into Boucher's cabin from the southeast corner Looking into Boucher's cabin from the northeast corner
A manmade dam pools water in Boucher Creek Water spills over a pour off in Boucher Creek
An early morning departure from Boucher Looking up canyon towards the Redwall ascent
Indian Paintbrush in bloom along the Boucher Trail Gazing up through the Boucher's Redwall ascent
Looking northeast towards Whites Butte from the top of the Redwall Looking south towards the Supai ascent in Travertine Canyon
Another view of Whites Butte Looking across a pour off in Travertine towards Whites Butte
A blooming desert sunflower along Boucher Trail A major pour off near the head of Travertine Canyon
A fine campsite in the Supai below Yuma Point Looking north towards Whites Butte from the Supai rim below Yuma Point
A small slab of Esplanade sandstone below Yuma Point Scattered clumps of phlox in the Supai
Looking northeast across Hermit Canyon Looking across Hermit Canyon towards Lookout Point, Breezy Point and the Cathedral Stairs
A view to the south into Hermit Basin The junction of the Boucher and Dripping Springs trails
The Dripping Springs Trail traverses below the Coconino at the head of Hermit Canyon A view to the northeast through Hermit Canyon
Indian Paintbrush on the Dripping Springs Trail The junction of the Dripping Springs and Hermit trails
The junction of the Waldron and Hermit trails Cobblestone work in the Coconino along the Hermit Trail
Impressive stone work in the Cocnino along the Hermit Trail More paving stones along the Hermit Trail
Hiking up through the Kaibab Limestone on the Hermit Trail Looking west across Hermit Canyon towards Dripping Springs
A view across Hermit Canyon to the northwest and the Boucher Trail's Supai traverse The hike through the Gems completed, a celebratory photo of me at the Hermit Trailhead

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