Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
Clear Creek Trail

March 20-25, 2007

Dayhikers on Bright Angel Trail Dennis hiking east on Tonto Trail
Pointing the way to Old Bright Angel Trail Dennis relaxing at Pipe Creek beach
Wheel Barrow by Colorado Silver Bridge and Black Bridge
River Runners at Bright Angel beach Bill & Dennis at Phantom Ranch Overlook
Stopping to chat about hiking the canyon Our Clear Creek campsite
Ancient grinding tool at Gila Pueblo Reading the Gila Pueblo register
Following the creek to Butchart's cave Moss growing on inner canyon wall
Butchart's cave in the Tapeats Bill & Dennis below Butchart's cave with North Rim in background
Brahma Temple shrouded by rain clouds The Howlands Butte in the mist
Standing in a room in the ruins Pottery sherds
Looking across the ruins An ancient stone bench
Banana Yucca in bloom Agave reaching for the sky
Indian Paintbrush Angels Gate (aka Snoopy Rock)
Desert flowers in bloom Dayhikers having lunch below Sumner Butte
Beginning the ascent of The Old Miners Trail On The Old Miners Trail with Buddha Temple in the background
Preparing for the final climb through the Tapeats At the Old Miners Trail trailhead cairn
Natural Arch on South Kaibab Trail Hikers on Skeleton Point ascent
California Condor soaring over Cedar Ridge O'Neill Butte and traffic on South Kaibab

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