Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
Vishnu Hike

March 12-18, 2010

Dennis Foster at the South Kaibab trailhead A view toward O'Neill Butte from Ooh Ahh Point
Hikers making their way toward O'Neill Butte The South Kaibab Trail
Taking a break at the Rest Area on South Kaibab An equipment cache along the South Kaibab Trail
Hikers on the lower section of South Kaibab Trail Approaching the tunnel at the base of South Kaibab
The Black Bridge The Black Bridge spans the muddy Colorado River
Dennis continues toward Phantom Ranch after crossing the Black Bridge A ranger program at Phantom Ranch
Bright Angel Creek flows happily past the campground (right) on its way toward the Colorado River Mule deer foraging along the trail to Phantom Ranch
Yours truly pauses for a photo op at the foot of the Clear Creek Trail A view of the Black and Silver bridges spanning the Colorado River in Grand Canyon
Dennis follows the Clear Creek Trail through the Tapeats toward Sumner Butte and Zoroaster Temple Yours truly entering the Clear Creek use area
The Clear Creek Trail approaches Zoroaster Temple A pour-off below Zoroaster Temple
Zoroaster Temple Potholes brimming with water along Clear Creek Trail
Taking a break Dennis rounding Demaray Point
Passing through a drainage along Clear Creek Trail An Agave stalk in Grand Canyon
Dennis on the Clear Creek Trail A view of Angels Gate (right) and Wotans Throne from Clear Creek Trail
My camp site at Clear Creek Dennis inspects his camp site at Clear Creek
Dennis stands next to a small water fall in Clear Creek Hiking down Clear Creek toward the junction with the east arm
Hiking up the east arm of Clear Creek Looking up the nameless drainage that connects Angels Gate to Clear Creek
Entering the narrows in Clear Creek's east arm Hiking the east arm narrows
An interesting Tapeats formation Ancestral Puebloan ruins
Ancestral Puebloan ruins Potsherds at the ruins
Granary ruin Ancestral Puebloan ruins
Ancestral Puebloan ruins Visualizing a route through the Tapeats
Breaking for lunch and admiring the view A dramatic Grand Canyon view
A view toward Thor Temple The Redwall base of Wotans Throne
The route through the Redwall to Angels Gate-Wotans Throne saddle Dennis squeezes through a narrow section
Approaching the Redwall route to the saddle Pausing to contemplate the climb through the Redwall
Negotiating a sketchy section of the route through the Redwall Arriving at the Angels Gate-Wotans Throne saddle
Wotans Throne Dennis points toward Lyell Butte across the Colorado River
Dennis works his way across a pour-off One last view of Angels Gate before descending into Vishnu

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