Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
Tanner-Beamer-Escalante backpack trip

October 19-23, 2008

Bill & Joe at Desert View Desert View Watchtower
Standing at the bottom of the repaired trail section in the Coconino Hiking Tanner below Escalante Butte
The view from the Redwall overlook Hiking below the Redwall
Taking a break on Tanner Getting closer to the river
A river front lunch site at Tanner rapids Looking upstream along the Beamer trail
Our campsite at Comanche Creek beach Leaving Comanche Creek beach
Along the Beamer trail Self portraits in silhouette
Pausing for a photo op on the Beamer Looking downstream towards Palisades beach
A river party beached at Carbon Canyon rapids Looking upstream towards Chuar Butte
Another river trip passes below on the Colorado Our beach campsite 1/4 mile downstream from the confluence
My first view of the confluence The Little Colorado flowing cyan
Ben Beamer's cabin A view through the window
All the comforts of home The doorway to Beamer's cabin
The colorful Little Colorado Tranquility along the Little Colorado
Departing our Little Colorado campsite Exposure along the Beamer trail
Working around an obstacle Hiking a high route bypass along the Beamer
The view from our campsite at Cardenas Creek beach Hilltop Ruin along the Escalante route
Early morning shadows along the Escalante route An overlook with a view towards Soloman Temple (upper right corner) and Coronado Butte (center beyond the ridge)
A hiker in silhouette Looking upstream toward Unkar delta
Looking downstream toward Escalante and Seventyfive Mile rapids A lone hiker making the descent into Escalante Creek
A minor pouroff in Escalante Creek Another pouroff in Escalante Creek
Hiking through Seventyfive Mile Creek Canyon with Hollenback Point visible in the distance Making a downclimb in Seventyfive Mile
Pointing out a river party near Nevills rapids Emerging at the top of the Papago Wall climb
Looking upstream from a point near the Papago Rockslide Our campsite at Hance rapids
An early morning start up Red Canyon creek Approaching the base of the Redwall on New Hance trail

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