Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
Sockdolager Rapids Overlook

July 27, 2007

The Kaibab formation along the Grandview Trail An agave reaches for the sky
A caved in mine entrance on Horseshoe Mesa Looking through the drainage towards Hance Creek
The trail through the Redwall along the east side of Horseshoe Mesa Abandoned machinery outside Pete Berry's Copper Mine
Dennis at the end of a branch in the mine Rails along the floor of the main shaft
Dennis stands next to a mineral-encrusted wall A copper vein in Pete Berry's mine
Shoring a shaft to prevent a cave-in Abandoned material in the Berry mine
More copper deposits A white crystaline mineral in the ceiling
Rails turing a corner in the mine Dennis approaching the mine entrance
Dennis standing outside Pete Berry's mine A sign marks the trail to Page Spring
The collection pool at Miners Spring Looking along the east fork of Horseshoe Mesa towards Vishnu Temple
Dennis along the Miners Spring trail with Horseshoe Mesa in the background Looking back up Hance Creek towards Coronado Butte
A mule deer scampers to safety in the high ground Dennis hikes the Tonto at the base of the east fork of Horseshoe Mesa
Looking northeast toward Solomon Temple. John Hance's asbestos mines are visible as excavations in the Tapeats in the foreground This cropped section of the photo to the left shows a large cairn (centered at the edge of the Tapeats) marking Hance's route to the asbestos mines
Looking upstream along the Colorado, a river raft in shadow at the nearest bend approaches Sockdolager Rapids River runners ride the maelstrom of Sockdolager
River runners prepare to enter Sockdolager A red raft waits below Sockdolager as a blue raft finishes its ride
Three rafts at different stages of Sockdolager Rapids The white raft concludes its rumble through Sockdolager while the blue raft passes through the narrows
The white raft exits Sockdolager, continuing its journey Dennis photographs a cairn marking a route through the Tapeats
Dennis walking the Tonto with a thunderstorm dumping rain in the east Another cairn marking a route below Horseshoe Mesa
Looking back along the route up the west fork of Horseshoe Mesa with Rama Shrine visible in the distance Looking up towards the west fork of Horseshoe Mesa

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