Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
Rim to River

July 13, 2007

Dennis & John near the top of the South Kaibab Trail Morning light paints the canyon
O'Neill Butte from Ohh Ahh Point With John leading the way, we begin the descent from Ohh Ahh Point
A self portrait in shadow John hikes the spine of the South Kaibab
Departing the Cedar Ridge rest area A traverse below O'Neill Butte
John & Dennis descend below Cedar Ridge More dayhikers on the South Kaibab
Dennis treks onward for the Colorado The guys share a shady spot with other hikers
A mule train passes hikers resting in shade on South Kaibab A pack train climbs towards Cedar Ridge with hikers waiting above
John & Dennis descend through the Redwall An old garbage pile at Big, not the hikers!
A pack train passes through Big Shady A mule train ascends the South Kaibab, en route to the Tonto platform
A quick peak at the river as we approach the descent through the schist The South Kaibab winding its way toward the Colorado with Bright Angel campground visible in the distance
Within sight of the Colorado River runners stopped at Bright Angel beach
John & Dennis enter the tunnel to the Kaibab suspension bridge John & Dennis crossing the bridge
Dennis & John enjoying a treat at Big Shady Grand Canyon in shades of black, white and gray
A heavenly glow The golden hour
The day and the dayhike coming to an end The last rays of day escape the clouds
The path that led me here Kaibab limestone pillar
A look back at the last set of switchbacks on the South Kaibab John & Dennis back at the trailhead

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