Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
Nankoweap-Kwagunt-Malgosa Hike

October 4-9, 2009

Trail #57 trailhead Saddle Mountain Wilderness sign along Trail #57
A view south towards the saddle from Trail #57 Looking into Saddle Canyon
Fall colors in Saddle Canyon Fall colors in Saddle Canyon
The north rim bathed in early morning light Looking through Saddle Canyon toward the Vermillion Cliffs
An early morning view through Nankoweap Canyon Rock slide on the Nankoweap Trail
Interesting rock formation at Marion Point Hiking toward Tilted Mesa along the Nankoweap Trail
Looking through Little Nankoweap Canyon toward the Colorado River A sheltered campsite on Tilted Mesa
The Nankoweap Trail descends below Tilted Mesa The Nankoweap Trail angles through the Muav
Drawing nearer the bed of Nankoweap Canyon The route through the Tapeats along Nankoweap Trail
Approaching Nankoweap Creek Looking down Nankoweap Creek
Campsite in Nankoweap Creek Seep where I accessed route to Nankoweap Butte saddle
Approaching Nankoweap Butte saddle A Martian landscape greets me near Nankoweap Butte saddle
Descending into Kwagunt with a view of the mesa overlooking Kwagunt Creek Kwagunt Creek
A game trail leads the way to Kwagunt Creek Pottery sherds near Kwagunt Creek
Ready to make dinner in Kwagunt Campsite in Kwagunt Creek
Looking back into Kwagunt while hiking up to the Kwagunt-Malgosa saddle A view into Kwagunt from a point near the Kwagunt-Malgosa saddle
Ominous Kwagunt Butte dominates the horizon during my hike into Malgosa Canyon Hiking down Malgosa Canyon
A pour-off in Malgosa Canyon Water in Malgosa Canyon
A water pocket in Malgosa Crumbly ledges in Malgosa Canyon
Bypassing a major dry fall pour-off in Malgosa A view towards the river from a sheep trail in Malgosa
Nearing the Colorado River from Malgosa Looking downstream along the Colorado from Malgosa Beach
Looking upstream from Malgosa Beach The mouth of Malgosa empties into the Colorado
A weather station on Malgosa Beach My campsite on Malgosa Beach
Leaving Malgosa Beach en route to Nankoweap Kwagunt Beach darkened by the early morning shade
Kwagunt Rapids Kwagunt Creek flows into the mighty Colorado
Following the game trail out of Kwagunt A river party floats down the Colorado River
River party on the Colorado Looking upstream toward Nankoweap
A lone raft floats down the Colorado River Rafts beached at Nankoweap
The granaries at Nankoweap The granaries at Nankoweap
The granaries at Nankoweap The granaries at Nankoweap
Sunrise at Nankoweap Flowering plant in Nankoweap Canyon
A pour-off feeds into Nankoweap Sculpted Nankoweap Creek
Interesting rock formation in Nankoweap Canyon Moon, scrub and agave in Nankoweap
Leaving Nankoweap Creek Hiking across the flats on Nankoweap Trail
Between the Tapeats and Muav on Nankoweap Trail Hiking up through a boulder field on Nankoweap Trail
A view toward Marion Point from the Nankoweap Trail below Tilted Mesa The Nankoweap Trail below Tilted Mesa
Looking toward Marion Point while hiking the Nankoweap Trail A juniper along the Nankoweap Trail

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