Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
Hack-Jumpup-Kanab Loop Hike

December 27-30, 2008

Dennis and Bill at the trailhead Willow Spring
Bill's pack setup on a shelf in Hack Canyon Creek An old metal piece at our first campsite
Initials carved into the rock at the Rusty C, our first campsite Names carved into the rock at the Rusty C
Dennis arriving at the mouth of Hack Canyon Pausing on the Lawson-Hack trail to look back towards the mouth of Hack Canyon
Catching some rays during a break atop the Esplanade A view across the Esplanade
The Esplanade below Jumpup Point Dennis found a discarded horseshoe in this cairn
Along the Lawson-Hack trail above the Esplanade Dennis standing at the signed junction of Lawson-Hack and the Ranger trail
Animal tracks along the Ranger trail Potholes along the Esplanade
Sculpted rock and shrub Sprouting agave along the Ranger trail
Approaching the Esplanade An Esplanade vista
Dennis photographing pictographs More pictographs
Pictograph showing two people and an animal Etched figure of a deer or antelope
Rock formations on the Esplanade Our second night campsite on the Esplanade
Early morning at our Esplanade campsite Man on the Moon
Rock formation in the Esplanade Bill on the Esplanade with The Gooseneck in the background
Potholes in the Esplanade A tower formation
Fence along the Ranger trail Scouting the bypass of Jumpup Falls
Dennis descending the steps toward the makeshift ladder Climbing down the makeshift ladder
Moss covered rock below Jumpup Falls Jumpup Falls
Ice and snow in lower Jumpup Canyon Water pools in the slickrock
Hiking through lower Jumpup Arriving at the junction of Jumpup and Sowats canyons
About to enter the Redwall Narrows Hiking the Redwall Narrows
Two rocks embedded in the Redwall Hiking the Redwall Narrows in lower Jumpup
Ghostly light in the Redwall Narrows A cavernous hollow in lower Jumpup
Frog Pond Hollow Bill's pack on a rock at the campsite in lower Jumpup Canyon
Approaching the junction of Jumpup and Kanab Creek canyons Bighorn sheep in Kanab Creek Canyon
Early morning shadows in Kanab Creek Canyon Reviewing progress made in Kanab
Ice covered water pool in Kanab Creek Rocks on the rocks
Hiking upstream in Kanab Creek Canyon Another water pool in Kanab
Bill in Kanab Creek Canyon Crossing the creek bed along a cowboy trail through Kanab
The cattle trail across Chamberlain delta Cactus in Kanab Creek Canyon
Ice in the creek bed Bill pausing for a photo op in Hack Canyon
Rock sculpture in Hack Canyon Dennis inspecting the National Wilderness Area boundary in Hack Canyon

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