Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
Hermit/Tonto/Bright Angel Loop

May 14-17, 2007

National Historic Landmark Plaque at Hermit's Rest An old section of the Hermit Trail
The switchback in the lower Coconino near trace fossils Fossilized dinosaur footprints in the Coconino
Junction with Waldron Trail Junction with Dripping Springs Trail
Santa Maria Spring Rock slide across the Hermit Trail
Yellow flower along the Hermit Trail The Cathedral Staircase
Tonto Trail Junction Hermit Creek campsite
Desert Collared Lizard at Hermit Creek campsite Hermit Creek waterfall
Looking north through Hermit Creek canyon toward the Colorado River The old Hermit Tourist Camp
An old horse hitch at the Hermit Tourist Camp Remains of the aerial tramway at Hermit Creek Tourist Camp
Looking toward Lookout Point from the Hermit Tourist Camp Hikers crossing the Tonto
Salt deposits in the Tapeats Looking downstream toward Hermit Rapids
Interesting rock formations entering Monument Creek The Hoodoo Monument of Monument Creek
Looking upstream through Monument Creek Canyon Geologic layering in Monument Creek: Tapeats over Vishnu Schist
Megmatite deposit in the Schist Monument Creek's weak flow near the Colorado River
Granite Rapids beach campsite River runners stopped at Granite Rapids beach for lunch
Running Granite Rapids Get ready to get soaked!
Hitting the wave Rafters floating by Granite Rapids beach
Kayaker running Granite Rapids Kayaker shooting Granite Rapids
Looking upstream through Monument Creek Canyon Early morning light washes the Schist in Monument Creek Canyon
Monument Creek campsite Looking north toward Tower of Set
Self portrait in shadow Looking toward Pima Point overlook
Cedar Spring sign Shadeless Cedar Spring campsite
Salt Creek Rapids The Alligator
Utah Agave shoot Barrel Cactus
Prickly Pear Cactus in Bloom Cactus Flower
Yellow Cactus Flowers Entering Horn Creek
Mountain Lion scat on the Tonto Trail Turkey Vulture soaring above Horn Creek
Turnkey Vultures riding the thermals Campsite at Horn Creek
Hikers leaving Horn Creek The Battleship bathed in evening light
Looking north toward Cheops Pyramid Dana Butte catching the morning light
Maricopa Point, Hopi Point and the Lost Orphan Mine The bow of the Battleship
Another self portrait in shadow A final view to the west
Tonto Trail West sign at junction with Plateau Point Trail Plateau Point Trail heading toward Indian Garden
Mule Train heading down the Bright Angel A View toward Three-Mile Resthouse

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