Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
East Tonto trail

October 29-November 4, 2007

Desert View Watch Tower The Moon through Desert View Watch Tower
Bill standing at New Hance trailhead Coronado Butte as seen from the New Hance trail
Looking through Red Canyon from a perch on the Redwall Bill taking in the view
Red Canyon A friend on the New Hance trail
A large cairn marks where the trail arrives at the creek Red Canyon Creek
Bill hiking through Red Canyon creek A rock slide in Red Canyon
Looking north through Red Canyon with Solomon Temple (below right) visible in the distance First view of the Colorado River
Looking upstream with Escalante Butte visible in the distance An early morning view, looking downstream towards Hance Rapid from the Escalante route
At the base of the Papago rock slide The view downstream from the top of the Papago rock slide. The Escalante route is seen right of center passing inside the large knob of schist
Beginning the descent of the Papago wall A river party approaches the riffles at Papago Creek
Bill at Seventyfive Mile Beach Entering Seventyfive Mile Creek Canyon
The narrow corridor of Seventyfive Mile Canyon The downpour where the Escalante route leaves Seventyfive Mile Canyon. The tail skirts the canyon ledge to the right
Escalante Beach, a great place for lunch, with the Basalt Cliffs peaking into view on the left Looking through Seventyfive Mile Canyon towards the river
A downpour in Seventyfive Mile Canyon The canyon wall at Seventyfive Mile rapids
The first light of day spills into the canyon The cairn marking the beginning of the Tonto trail
Looking back towards Hance Rapid And downstream along the Colorado River
A Grand Canyon duck Taking a break on the Tonto. Note John Hance's asbestos mine, immediately to my right
Looking north through Mineral Canyon with Rama Shrine (right) and Vishnu Temple visible in the distance The view north from Mineral Canyon's creekbed
The Tonto trail descends into Mineral Canyon creek Passing beneath Ayer Point
Approaching Hance Canyon Hiking through Hance Canyon below the west side of Coronado Butte
Approaching the campsite at Hance Creek Looking through Hance Canyon towards the east arm of Horseshoe Mesa
Early morning light paints Horseshoe Mesa A view into deep, winding Hance Creek Canyon
Looking towards the neck of Horseshoe Mesa The Tonto trail hugs the edge of Hance Canyon with Vishnu Temple visible in the distance
A self portrait along the Tonto Looking back towards the South Rim with the steep walls of Hance Canyon in the foreground
Turning the corner below the east arm of Horseshoe Mesa The view across Granite Gorge towards Wotans Throne (right), Angel's Gate, Zoroaster Temple and beyond
Hiking below Horseshoe Mesa. A route to the mesa top runs through the fault in the west arm It's careful hiking through this field of beavertail cactus
The view across Cottonwood Canyon toward an unnamed mesa Only 24 miles to the South Kaibab!
Leaving the treed, shady oasis of Cottonwood Creek Looking north toward Wotan's Throne (left) and Vishnu Temple (right)
Entering the west arm of Cottonwood Creek Canyon A rare view of the Colorado from the Tonto trail, looking upstream toward Newberry Butte and the Palisades of the Desert
Looking the other direction, smoke from a prescribed burn on the north rim fills Bright Angel Canyon and produces a hazy view downstream The view across expansive Grapevine Canyon
The Tonto trail winds its way through Grapevine Canyon The guardian of Grapevine Canyon
Cool, clear water flows from the spring in the east arm of Grapevine A weak seep darkens the Tonto in Grapevine Canyon
The Tonto trail reaches deep into Grapevine Canyon Arriving at the treed camping area in Grapevine Creek
The first light of day kisses Lyell Butte Names in the west arm of Grapevine Creek: Hotel De Willow Creek
Names in the west arm of Grapevine Creek: P.D. Berry Another look at the guardian of Grapevine Canyon
A last look back through Grapevine Canyon toward the South Rim Looking upstream along the Colorado from the Tonto
A view west toward Newton Butte A Grand Canyon agave stalk
A beavertail cactus along the Tonto trail in Boulder Canyon Hiking below Newton Butte
A mule deer antler along the Tonto trail Entering Lonetree Canyon
Arriving at Lonetree Creek Looking across Granite Gorge at the island tower where Zoroaster and Clear Creek canyons merge
Entering Cremation Creek Canyon Hiking the Tonto below Pattie Butte
A small herd of mule deer graze in Cremation Creek Canyon, late in the day Pattie Butte awash in the late afternoon sun
The middle drainage in Cremation Creek Canyon Bill's camp in Cremation Creek Canyon
Looking north from Cremation Creek Canyon toward Zoroaster Temple, Sumner Butte and beyond The early morning light carresses Grand Canyon
Wilma's Place, the western-most campsite along the Tonto trail in Cremation Creek Canyon Bill along the Tonto with Sumner Butte and Budha Temple in the background
Cairns marking the western border of Cremation Creek Canyon with O'Neill Butte visible in the distance Looking toward Cedar Ridge and O'Neill Butte in anticipation of reaching the South Kaibab trail
Where's Bill's shadow? A distant view of the South Kaibab trail with hikers fast approaching the Tipoff
Bill at the junction of the Tonto and South Kaibab trails Beginning the last leg of the hike to Indian Garden
Looking at Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Campground from the Tonto trail A view to the west toward the Battleship and Indian Garden
Fall color in Grand Canyon The Pipe Spring oasis shining golden below Mather Point
The Tonto trail reaches westward below Yavapai Point Nearing Indian Garden
Indian Garden awaits below the Battleship Waiting for a mule train to pass on the Bright Angel trail just outside Indian Garden
A late afternoon visitor to my campsite at Indian Garden Arriving at Plateau Point to enjoy the sunset
The last light of day splashes across Granite Gorge Looking east toward Cedar Ridge and O'Neill Butte
Grand Canyon in the golden hour Smoke from a north rim fire fills Bright Angel Canyon
The Battleship catches the early morning light Hikers coming and going at Three Mile Resthouse
The cherry on the cake of my hike: a Grand Canyon bighorn strolls past on Bright Angel trail A last look at the canyon

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