Grand Canyon Adventure: Backpack & Day Hike Stories and Photos
Crazy Jug to Phantom Ranch Hike

March 14-22, 2009

Bill, Chris, John and Dennis We're going thataway
Hiking through snow below Big Saddle Point An old water trough on the Crazy Jug Trail
Pictograph in the Toroweap/Coconino boundary On the Coconino descent route in Crazy Jug Canyon
Standing on the Esplanade in Crazy Jug Canyon Dennis's gear needs a home
Hiking across the Esplanade toward Steamboat Mountain Looking west through Tapeats Creek Canyon towards Thunder River
Grand Canyon bonsai John hiking along the Esplanade in Crazy Jug Canyon
Dennis on the Esplanade with Steamboat Mountain in the background Waterfall below Fire Point
Slogging through the manzanita Chris hiking in Saddle Canyon en route to the Muav Saddle
Dennis taking a break during the hike up Saddle Canyon to the Muav Saddle Arriving at the Muav Saddle cabin late on the second day
The bedroom in the Muav Saddle cabin The main room in the Muav Saddle cabin
Getting an early morning start on the North Bass Trail John checks out a U.S. Geological Survey benchmark on the North Bass
Water flowing in White Canyon Hiking alongside water in White Canyon
Tempted by a waterfall along the North Bass Hiking on the High Bypass with Holy Grail Temple dominating the skyline
Looking east toward the Redwall Canyon drainage below Holy Grail Temple Blooming cactus
Looking east toward Holy Grail Temple Descending the High Bypass to Shinumo Creek with Dox Castle (left) and Tyndall Dome (right in far background) visible in the distance
Crossing Shinumo Creek Descending the High Bypass to Shinumo Creek with Dox Castle (left) and Tydall Dome (right) visible in the distance
Chris, Dennis and John standing amidst the wealth of relics at the Bass Camp in Shinumo Creek Pots, pans, pick-axes and other treasures at the Bass Camp
Inscription on a boulder in Shinumo Creek One of the more complex cairns in Grand Canyon
Looking upstream towards Bass Rapids Descending toward the river at Shinumo Rapids
Pausing to observe a river party above Shinumo Rapids Inspecting the remains of Bass's tram on the north side of the Colorado
Looking across river up Bass Canyon towards Tyndall Dome and the Grand Scenic Divide A view of Bass Rapids from the upper slopes of Hotauta Canyon
A recently sprouted Utah Agave Approaching a pouroff in a drainage below Evans Butte
Hikers in silhouette Blooming cactus on the Tonto
Descending into Monadnock Amphitheater drainage Chris standing atop an outcrop or rock at the head of Monadnock Amphitheater
Bill's pack catching a breather in Monadnock drainage Looking southeast toward Scorpion Ridge
Looking southwest across the plain below the west pincer of Scorpion Ridge. Castor and Pollux temples are visible across the river in the distance Cactus and agave field
Dennis enjoying a midafternoon snack Dennis and John taking an early morning break on the Tonto
A view into the west arm of Tuna Creek Canyon Lunch in the shade
Indian Paintbrush Crossing a drainage below Mencius Temple
Cairn marking the descent route to Crystal Rapids Bill standing at the top of the descent route to Crystal Creek. Slate Canyon is visible across the river.
Dennis and John at the cairn marking the descent route to Crystal Rapids Hiking through the Tapeats en route to Crystal Rapids
A Russian river party arrives at Crystal beach Crystal Rapids
Arriving at Shadehenge Sunset over Grand Canyon from Ninety Four Mile Rapids
Ancestral Puebloan ruins in fault drainage exit route from Ninety Four Mile Rapids to the Tonto level Interesting perforated rock layer in the Tapeats
X marks the spot. These jet contrails appeared overhead within minutes of Chris sending the 911 message to initiate Dennis's extraction from the Canyon. Waiting in the shade for the air cavalry
Brandon examining Dennis's injured foot Jessica, the helicopter pilot and Brandon with Dennis
Jessica delivering two gallons of cold, fresh water to Chris and John Preparing for the flight out
Jessica assisting Dennis with his flight suit Loading the passenger with Tower of Set visible in the background
Ready for take-off Skeletal remains of a mule deer
Taking a break while hiking along the west rim of Trinity Creek Canyon Hiking along the west rim of Trinity Creek Canyon
Pothole water in Trinity Creek Fossil
The late afternoon light paints Isis Temple Setting up camp on the Tonto below Isis Temple
The Moon and Venus over Isis Temple John and Chris on the Cheops/Isis saddle
Celebrating a great hike Another celebration
Isis Temple Surveying the exit route from the Cheops/Isis saddle
Hiking above Phantom Creek Canyon Cheops Pyramid
Approaching Utah Flats Hiking through Utah Flats en route to Piano Alley
Descending into Phantom Ranch Bright Angel Campground as seen from the descent route from Utah Flats

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